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2021.6.1: Sixty Inches From Center Interview: With Each Breath, a Photograph. An Interview with Kioto Aoki




2021.5.17: See Chicago Dance Review: Asian Improv Arts Midwest Unites and Liberates Theme and Tradition




2021.5.12: NewCity Art Feature: What is Graphic Recording? For Kiyomi Negi-Tran, Service Art That Soars




2021.5.11: NewCity Stage: Always Look: A Preview of Beyond the Box 4.3—Black Hair E{m}urge at Links Hall




2021.4.7: Chicago Reader: Rika Lin’s ‘ingenuity of necessity’ bridges centuries of tradition




2021.3.24: Asian Improv Nation Statement on Increasing Hate and Attack on AAPI Community




2021.3.20: Asian Improv Records Triple Solo Album Release, New Music by Kioto Aoki, Mai Sugimoto, Da Wei Wang




2020.11.23: Bandcamp: 20+ Years of Tatsu Aoki’s MIYUMI Project: A Unique Force in Experimental Jazz